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This can’t be good news:

There could be big changes coming for Pennsylvania gun owners. Some gun owners say House Bill 760, or the Firearm Registration Act is an assault on their Constitutional right to bear arms.

Ben Russell explains how this bill could affect your wallet and your rights.

“Some people want it for hunting, self defense, target shooting. They can’t take that right away from you.”  That’s what gun owner and Trophy Quest Sports employee Matt Behler has to say about House Bill 760.

The bill is a piece of legislation that, if it becomes law, will require more from every gun owner. For example, a $10 fee every year for every gun, two photo id’s to go along with every registration card, and a fresh set of fingerprints for every firearm.

Matt Behler’s questions for the man behind the plan? “What is the real reason for it? Why do they need it when there’s already systems in place that take care of that?”

Democratic Representative Angel Cruz from Philadelphia is that man.
PA Rep. Angel Cruz, (D) Philadelphia:
“What’s happening now is there are too many guns that are out on the streets and we don’t know how they got there and we’re trying to find out if people are buying the guns and selling them on the street without registering them… And they’re winding up in the wrong hands. That’s what the intention of the bill is.”

But many lawmakers oppose the bill, claiming it punishes the law-abiding gun owner.

PA Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R), Butler County:
“Those who commit crimes with firearms. Those who commit crimes with any weapon aren’t going to care whether Cruz’s bill is passed or any bill is passed.”

What’s also frustrating for folks like Matt Behler is, as a gun dealer, the paper work a customer has to fill out in order to buy a gun already includes much of the information this new proposal would require.

Representative Cruz says he’s not married to the exact language of the bill. He’d be willing to see it change, including dropping the $10 fee per gun.

Quiz:  Name the last criminal who complied with any gun control law?

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  1. According to a press release dated Apr. 26, Rep. Cruz has amended H.B. 760 to limit registry to Philadelphia County only. The fact remains that legitimate gun owners are not provding arms to criminals. A state police report concerning their results in tracing ownership of firearms involved in felonies would be of interest.

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