Muzzleloader Season Ends

My muzzleloader season ended last week with the tragic loss of my rear sight. Just like other things we lose, it was there when I got out of the truck, but when the sun came up, it was gone. No sign of it anywhere.

I did make a feeble attempt at installing a fiber optic replacement sight. Although the replacement claimed to fit a Traditions Deerhunter, the screws just weren’t long enough.

I shopped around for another brand, with no luck. Came home, looked my wife in the eyes and told her deer season has ended.

I haven’t been seeing any deer anyway.

Time to get that fly rod ready!

3 Comments on “Muzzleloader Season Ends

  1. The tooth fairy told me you missed a doe on the same day you lost the sight. Think a loose sight might be responsible? If I were you, I sure would not admit the miss was MY FAULT!!!

  2. I blame the lawyers! Had the sight been properly fitted with the appropriate screw, epoxy, and other fasteners that are now unlawful to purchase or use with any firearm, then the problem would never had happened.

  3. The word which is plural in the first sentence appears to be the root cause.

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