New Deer Management

Mountain lions, coyotes, wolves. That’s what we need more of to control the deer population that is out of control.
Wolves, Coyotes, & Mountain Lions: the solution to the deer problem
This complete “nut” thinks this is what we need to do.

American ginseng, sister of the Asian wonder herb and the premier medicinal plant harvested in the United States, has two obstacles to long-term survival here: man and deer.

That’s the conclusion of West Virginia University biologist James McGraw, who says that since humans aren’t going anywhere, it’s time to do something about the deer.

Hey, why not bus the predators to the big cities and suburbia and take care of the people too!

According to this article, the deer population is exploding. I wonder if this study has ever heard of the Pennsylvania State No Game Lands. I haven’t heard positive reports from any seasoned hunter; the story is the same everywhere, “we didn’t see any deer.”

Introduce predators? Completely off the wall. Just ask these folks. Their dog was attacked by a coyote. Not out in some wooded area. Not at all. It was in their driveway, while waiting for an elementary school bus.

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