New OSHA Reg Would Close Firearm and Ammunition Industry

If you can’t ban guns, why not regulate the industry so heavily that no manufacturer could possibly survice.
That is what the Department of Labor and OSHA are trying to do.
Read this article.

As written, the proposed rule would force the closure of nearly all ammunition manufacturers and force the cost of small arms ammunition to skyrocket beyond what the market could bear—essentially collapsing our industry. This is not an exaggeration. The cost to comply with the proposed rule for the ammunition industry, including manufacturer, wholesale distributors and retailers, will be massive and easily exceed $100 million. For example, ammunition and smokeless propellant manufacturers would have to shut down and evacuate a factory when a thunderstorm approached and customers would not be allowed within 50 feet of any ammunition (displayed or otherwise stored) without first being searched for matches or lighters.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is urging everyone to write to OSHA requesting an extension to the public comment period. They even provide a template letter for you to fax or email to OSHA (visit for details).

To make it as easy as possible, follow these simple directions:
1. Visit
2. Skip to the bottom, change Option 4 to Document ID, enter (copy and paste) OSHA-2007-0032-0001 into the box and click “Submit.”
3. That takes you to a search result page, that should only have one document, it will look like this:
OSHA comments
Click on the yellow hand on the far right.
4. Fill out the comment form. Be sure to fill out every field marked with a red asterisk. I just used the form letter and pasted it into the the general comments field. You could just enter “see letter” and then attach it to the form with the Add Attachment feature.
5. Click Next. It will take you to a confirmation screen. Confirm and send your comments.

In the event you can’t sleep please try to weed through the proposed regulations.

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