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Sako QuadOK. First of all, please know Sako does not give me any advertising dollars or sponsorships. Period. I write this out of a pure desire or want or interest.
That said, have you seen the new Sako Quad?

Watch this webcast (Low Bandwidth Version) demonstrating how easy it is to change the barrels!

This one rifle comes with four barrels in these calibers: 22LR, 22 WMR, 17 HMR, and 17 Mach 2.

I’m sure there are other rifles out there that have interchangeable barrels. Mossberg makes the SSi-ONE (Single-Shot interchangeable), that changes from a rifle to a shotgun. Rossi makes a matched set. But there is something about this Sako Quad that peaks my interest. It might be that a very good friend is literally a Sako nut; an expert on Sako rifles. It may just be the ease of changing the barrels.

The military is definately moving in this direction with the XM-8. But we can’t hunt with that.

So far I have only been able to find one dealer listing a price, $1,175.

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  1. I own several Sako rifles, mostly older ones, and let me tell you they shoot….
    Several Sako actions rival the custom jobs in popularity among top shooters.
    This rifle you speak of is quite an interesting concept.


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