No Waders Required

The Susquehanna River, at Harrisburg, PA. Mid-Summer. Water levels below 4′.

These are perfect conditions for wading this smallmouth haven.

Don’t wear waders, instead use swim trunks. Waders tend to fill up with water when you fall over. You can imagine how dangerous that would be. I’d wear boots with some serious soles, as the bottom is nothing but rocks, rocks, and more rocks.

As of today, the water level is 3.40 feet. You can check it here.

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  1. Don’t forget – there are bass behind those rocks. They often lay there to avoid the current. And when the river level is low, they tend to congregate in the deepest pools, especially when the sun is high and bright. Best times to fish are 5 AM – 8AM; again 6PM – midnight. Grubs and crayfish imitations should find success at this time.

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