Northwest Report

Dan's 2006 BuckDan reports from the Northwest of the Commonwealth…up there where they still have snow and bone-chilling weather.

And I quote: “You probably saw the other deer photos, but here is another. Only 4 days until trout season and 2 1/2 weeks until spring gobbler!”

In the Southeast, we already started trout fishing…except the weather forgot to cooperate.

Are you ready to fish? Are you ready to hunt long beards?

(Click on photo to enlarge)

You’d better be!

5 Comments on “Northwest Report

  1. Ain’t no deer that nice in PA – fess up, Dan – you killed him in Canada, right? Or did someone in your camp get him? (I’m just jealous).

  2. Oh man … tough crowd. Well, I guess if I did get the deer in Canada, then I might admit to the Red Green connection.

  3. Yes, Dan and Red Green are either the same person or very closely related. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  4. I must gripe about our fish commission and their newly introduced practices:

    1) 30% larger fish my butt!!!
    2) 1 (in-season) stocking per stream just does not cut it!!!
    3) Every stocking (in-season) that I have witnessed has been bucket dumps at easily accessible sites – couple per stream. When the (in-season) stocking is being limited to one, there should be no reason not to “float” stock to spread the fish out a bit so they are not all gone within a week.
    4) I spoke to a warden while a bucket stock was taking place in Clarks Creek and he stated that they couldn’t get anyone to volunteer to float stock the stream. I believe that we pay people to work for the fish commission and no one that is on the payroll should be exempt from walking a float box down the stream.

    The fish commission is doing to fishing what the game commission has done to the hunting.

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