Nothing Like Bamboo

Dream Catcher Fly RodsThere is nothing like the feel of bamboo. A split cane rod, hand-crafted, personalized to the fisher is just about as good as it gets. I’m sure there are several folks who build these beautiful pieces of art. I only know one of them: Wyatt of Dream Catcher Fly Rods.

Wyatt learned this trade under the master George Mauer of Sweet Water Rods, who started building bamboo rods long before there was as much information as there is today.

Split bamboo’s character cannot be matched by plastic. As the bamboo begins to take the form of a rod, you can feel the bamboo yield its natural bend into the beauty of form and function. The magic of bamboo is apparent in each rod, each taking on a bit of the personality of the culm from which it was rendered. Don’t sell yourself short, cast several rods to make sure you have the bamboo rod for you.

Bamboo fly rods are made by hewning very thin triangular strips of bamboo, then gluing them together to form hexagon shape blank. Since the beginning of time, bamboo makes the finest fly rod – especially for fishers seeking wary trout on very light tippets.

3 Comments on “Nothing Like Bamboo

  1. For 30+ years I always wanted to learn the fine art of making
    cane rods. After retiring from my real job I now have more time
    on my hands so I bought George’s book ( Wyatt recomended it
    through an email a year or so ago )and found the book to be
    very simply in terms of bamboo rod making. Well I sent an order
    out to Goldenwitch for some clums then went to my local hardware
    to buy a few tools to get me started.I decided to make a 7’6″ 4wt.
    Well splitting cane I found out is something you learn from years
    exprience.I planned on a two tip rod but ended up with just enough
    good strips for one.But that’s ok Im learning right.
    Im in the process of rough planing my strips. It’s been an
    adventure for me so far and am enjoying every time I step into
    the shop. My advise to those out there who have wanted to try
    making there own rod DO IT Life is to short.
    Wyatt has some beutiful rods and I’m sure he or George would
    help in any way they can. Thanks for reading this Dennis

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