Olympic Shotgun Range Complex Begins Capital Campaign!

How cool is this! Right here in Pennsylvania:

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Corporate Officers of Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc., it is my great pleasure to announce the commencement of a capital campaign in order to raise funds for the construction of a new “State of the Art” Olympic and International Style Shotgun Sports complex. I have attached a Web-Brochure and a Donation Letter for your review and consideration. You will note that we are also hosting a “Benefit Shoot” on October 12th to help raise funds for this project. We are extremely proud of the Web-Brochure and we think that you’ll find it very informative and inspiring.

This project has been in the planning stages for the past three years and we are very excited to bring it to you at this time especially after the great success that the U.S. Shooting Team had in Beijing just three short weeks ago. One of the most exciting aspects of this complex is that it will be opened and operational (365) days a year (Weather Permitting). The complex will operate on an “Electronic Key Card” system and offer our patrons the maximum flexibility in order to meet both their personal and training schedules. Combining the on-site lodging and the unlimited operational status of the range will allow for more concentrated training sessions to be organized by athletes and coaches alike. The capabilities of a facility as we have planned are limitless and yet critical to the advancement of our sport and the training of our athletes to meet the challenges at both the World Championship and Olympic levels. The sky is literally the limit for “Chubb International Shooting Park”.

World class shotgun facilities abound in Europe, but nowhere in the world will you have (365) days a year access but at our facility. We taken some of the best features of several premier European shotgun ranges and molded them into a “Super Range”. As an example; our ranges will all be tied in directly to the central computer system which will instantly track every competitor and their scores, while displaying the results instantaneously on both the range and in the club house area as they occur. This information will be instantly available for “Real Time” display on our website, just as you saw from NBC at the Olympics in Beijing. Our ranges will also be fully covered for protection from the elements so as not in inhibit the training or competition experiences of our patrons.

Our ranges will be “User Friendly” and in turn allow our patrons the availability to open and close the range by themselves with minimal effort. These “User Friendly” features even go as far as opening and closing the “bunker” doors. That normally heavy and unpleasant task will be completed by hydraulic door lifts, so you’ll have no straining and potentially unsafe situations develop during this task. We calculate that it will take on average (10) minutes to open and close the range upon completion of your training time if no one else is already on the range. That’s It! Our electronic field computers will allow you to program drills and concentrate on certain targets that offer difficulty to you or your athlete. These are the kind of innovations that exist in today’s electronic systems that only a few years ago were unthinkable.

Many of you have been asked to donate to other causes in the past. All of us are uncertain if our donation dollars ever really make it where you intended it to be placed. The answer for our project is that 100% of ALL donations will go directly to this project and any residue that may be left over will go to support junior athlete shooting programs. Every position on our Board is non-remunerated and we are a registered 501(C)(3) corporation as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, so your donations are tax deductible. The anticipated construction date is set for mid March 2009 with the opening scheduled for June 2009.

We have partnered ourselves with people that are genuinely enthusiastic to promote these sports; not for the short term, but for the long term. This includes our Board members, landlords and machinery manufacturers. The terms of our lease agreement are in excess of (25) years with renewal terms after that, so we plan to be a stable part of this nations training base for decades to come. We will be training athletes in the future that are not even born yet. That’s our commitment!

As you will read in our Web-Brochure, our plans and intentions are really “Outside the Box”. This is a box that allowed to remain unopened will stifle this nations capability to compete on a world scale in the future. If you want to train world class athletes you have to do it on a world class ranges and you can not impede that training with operating hours. This is our goal and we need your support to make this dream happen for the future of the sports in this nation. Your generous support will be so deeply appreciated and become readily visible by next summer.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Allen B. Chubb, Jr.
President & Treasurer
Chubb International Shooting Sports, Inc.
302 Tennessee Avenue
Elizabethville, PA. 17023
717-362-7830 Ext. 100 Office
717-362-7834 Fax
717-395-5256 Cell

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