PA Crawls Out of the Dark Ages

It appears Pennsylvania is getting close to joining the ranks of just about every other state in this great nation. Legislation has been introduced to allow hunters to buy their hunting license online, and…sit down, and take a deep breath…actually move toward a wallet size license that does not have to be displayed on your back.

In the new world envisioned by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, hunters will be able to buy and print out a license on their computer and tuck it in their wallet.

No more lost licenses. No more sticking holes in the back of our jackets and shirts.

“In the future, we would just call them hunting licenses,” Feaser said. “Backtags would just be a throwback to the old days.”

2 Comments on “PA Crawls Out of the Dark Ages

  1. Well.. . . that ends my collection of hunting licenses dating to 1948. Shame, I will miss them.

  2. FOR SALE:
    Over 50 years of PA hunting license backtags…some never filled.
    All come with memories, subject to loss if not written down.
    One year was especially good…if I oculd only remember which one.

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