Record Buck Shot In Lycoming County

Record Buck Shot In Lycoming County (click to enlarge)Thanks to an alert reader for pointing out this record Buck.

24 Point Buck Shot in Trout Run, PA during rifle season. The hunter saw it chasing a doe and thought it looked pretty big. Shot at 150 yards, field dressed at 215 lbs. He’s been told the head might sell for $100K to 200K.

North American Whitetail shot the story and it will air next fall. Buck Master measured the antlers and said it is a new state record. Boone & Crockett will wait until the antlers dry and then measure, but it scored a preliminary 287. The state record was broken a few years ago with a score of 260.

UPDATE:  This was not a PA deer.  Seems many have been fooled by this story:

5 Comments on “Record Buck Shot In Lycoming County

  1. Telling lies once again eh Fuzzie 😉

    That buck was shot in 2004 in Kentucky by Roger Broyles. Do a search on his name and it will come up.

  2. Well, the “alert reader” was fooled, as was his son who sent this to him. Last year, I wanted to hunt KY. This year, I’m gonna book a KY hunt early. Unlikely a buck this size will be taken soon in PA. Maybe I can put a PA tag on mine and claim a new record!!

  3. wow nice buck but dont be that excited about it! i have seen alot nicer racks than that, they have a normal main beam!

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