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A recent article in the Patriot-News shows Sunday hunting is still an important issue to Pennsylvania sportsman. A new petition circulating targets this

The petition claims that “the current ban on Sunday hunting discriminates against the hard-working hunter and sportsman who might have to work six days a week … will also not allow children to discover the sport of hunting, due to school sports, scouts and other things that take place on a Saturday … is antiquated and needs to be abolished.”

I am a very religious man; I may not hunt on the Sabbath. But that does not mean I believe the State should be regulating activities based on this day reserved for God.

Here is a good article relating to Sunday hunting.

This map is telling…shocking.

Sunday Hunting

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  1. I am 15 years old and junting is very important to me but because of school i can really only hunt one full day a week missing out on oppurtunities. For instance during spring turkey I actually had gobblers in my backyard on a sunday this if I could have hunted that morniing I think I could have had one. Plus sundays are one more day to spend time wiht the quickly diminishing outdoors. Ted Nugent said something like Someone worship god in church on sundays some do not and some oof us wanat to worship in the woods

  2. i am 13 years old. im am looking forward to go junior dar for turky. my friend i am going with has games on saturdays an might not be able to go. PA should take away the sunday hunting ban so i dont have to worry about him being able to go. people should write more petitions to the game commision the repeal the ban.

  3. hunting should be allowed in virginia on sundays, because other states hunt on sundays also.
    I am 17 almost 18 and i hunt every year.

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