Shop or Fish?

With Christmas just a few days away, I am suffering from a major quandary–do I shop tomorrow for those last-minute gifts (or at least start my shopping), or do I head to the River to fish?

Which river you ask?  The River.  The Susquehanna.  Specifically, the Narrows.  The Bass are just lined up there right now.  Every time my hot rod drives past, I see more and more boats on the River.

Sure, the kids might want a white Christmas.  They are looking for the cold, snow, and ice.  But fishing in late December on 50 or 60 degree days.  Come on.  Does that really happen that often?  Christmas comes every year.  This kind of fishing only happens once in a lifetime.  Or so that was the story I was telling Mrs. Fuzzie.

Think she will believe it?
Read more about the great fishing and high numbers of fish here.

2 Comments on “Shop or Fish?

  1. Where ya gettin the electro fishin equipment? Smallmouth bass activity in the Susquehanna has been flat all summer and this fall. Maybe those bass had a Christmas party on the west side near Marietta and imbibed too much burbon and water!

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