Some People Shouldn’t Hunt

You all know I have not purchased my hunting license this year. Partly because of Upward Flag Football, and partly because the Game Commission policies.

But that is by my choice.

Some folks should not have the choice to hunt…or parent.

For example, this fellow, who left his infant in his truck while he went hunting probably needs a refresher hunter safety course and a parenting course.

A Butler County hunter admitted leaving his 13-month-old son inside a sport utility vehicle while he retrieved a deer he shot.

The Tribune-Review reported that Michael Kopera, 41, of Evans City, has pleaded guilty to child endangerment for the Jan. 5 incident in Hampton Township, Allegheny County.Police said they found Kopera’s Ford Explorer parked on a road near some woods, with the child locked inside, on a rainy, 37-degree day.

Kopera said he had taken the boy into the woods with him, wrapped in a camouflage jacket.

After shooting the deer, Kopera brought the child back to the SUV, then went to get the animal.

Kopera is free on bond while he awaits a sentencing hearing in February. Until then, he has been ordered not to hunt or touch any of his guns.

Is he still allowed to take his kid in the truck?

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  1. Fuzzie,

    If you don’t get your hunting license this year to spite the PGC the only thing you shott is yourself… in the foot. I totally respct your family commitments but do yourself a favor and go hunting. I’ve seen more nice, racked bucks this year than ever. The buck to doe ratio seems to be getting close to 1:1 and I’m noticing forrest regeneration I’ve never seen before. It is all good.

    ps. my brother shot a nice 2.5 year old 8 point with a 15.5″ spread last week.

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