Spring Coyote

2005 Coyote That’s not a typo…I spent the First Day of the 2005 Spring Gobbler season with a good hunting buddy. We got soaked! It rained the whole morning.

Well, we didn’t get the ol’ Tom, but I did shoot my first coyote! And I called it in with a hen yelp from about 250 yards, into shotgun range.

Imagine that, using a mouth call to hunt turkeys, and a coyote is hungry enough to come right in for a snack.

The weather was the worse I can remember for the first day. We did hear some gobblers, but we also heard 13 shots around us. 2005 CoyoteThe geese made a complete racket; it was all we could do to concentrate and listen for a gobbler. Though a few sounded off, none wanted to make it with our decoys. So the turkeys will live to see another…the coyote won’t.

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  1. nice! congrats fuzzie, I guess you’re not regretting that it rained too hard to fish this weekend…

  2. Also: Was it a genuine coyote or a coy-dog? Probably was one of those the PGC is stocking up there.

  3. Never have I personally seen such a thing. But, there is always a first. Fuzzie called this ‘yote in from 250+ yards on his mouth call. She went down hard with his 12 gauge 3.5 inch magnum load with 5 shot. It only proves what we already know … ‘yotes are are game predators. I am proud to have watch him knock down his first coyote – I was there two years or so ago when he took his first shot at a coyote – but that’s another blog for fuzzie! (as a hint … we were chuck hunting at the time). Good job Fuz!!

    PS – Fuz – come up for goose hunting in September (if not sooner for some fishing).

    PPS – We did have a gobbler hang up earlier in the AM, but he “henned up” too soon.

  4. Fuzzie: Isn’t it a rule that if you shoot it you have to eat it?

  5. That is more of a guideline for coyotes, woodchucks, and Navy chiefs.

    That said, come over tonight for some fried dawg, bring a nice wine (not that French stuff you have been trying to pass off as grape juice). I’m thinking Mad Dog 20/20. Pun intended.

  6. Fuzz,
    thats no coyote !! I can show you coyote, bring that call down here to texas a
    here to texas and we will use a dying rabbit as well. Spotlight
    at night, get ready for the bobcats and maybe a mountain lion.
    I’ll be carrying my lever action 45/70, you can have the shotgun

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