Sunday Hunting in PA

One has to wonder if the PA Game Commission ever listens to the public’s cry for change.
This Petition has over 2,000 signatures. Do they matter?

Most other states allow hunting on Sunday. Just the tourism dollars alone should be enough for Pennsylvania to climb into the 21st century.

Grassroots reported any movement was “Cilled” in committee in 2004. We’ll see what 2005 brings.

7 Comments on “Sunday Hunting in PA

  1. Isn’t the Sunday hunting restriction ultimately controled and decided by the PA State Legislature and not the PGC? Not that the PGC could not put some serious lobby pressure on them? No Sunday Hunting is a joke, a relic from the past. There are only 8-9 states out of 50 that are hold-outs. It’s just a matter of time until we realize Sunday hunting.

  2. The following is from the PGC website concerning other actions it took this January:

    “Approved providing data for a sample of hunting license holders and permitted regulated hunting grounds to Penn State University as part of a study on Sunday Hunting for the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee.  All names and addresses provided will be used for this survey only and will not be used for other purposes.”


  4. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and currently live and work in Utah. I travel to other
    states to hunt and would love to hunt in Pennsylvania if you could hunt the whole
    weekend (Saturday & Sunday). But don’t see the trip there to hunt worth it only having
    the one day to hunt.
    Well maybe they will wake up someday and see how much money they lose yearly
    to surrounding staes..

  5. Are they PREJUDICE…
    Come on people, we allow fishing, driving, golf, football, baseball, beer drinking, Olympics,
    and every other “no known as” dangerous activities.

    Why not hunting ?!?!

  6. I go to school five days a week and the only day i have to hunt is
    saturday. I love to hunt and fish. I do believe sunday is a day
    for relaxing but i also belive it should be a day for hunters to
    spend a relaxing day in the woods with mother nature.

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