About Fuzzie

I am an outdoor enthusiast: Hunting, Fishing, Shooting.Fuzzie & 2000 Buck

My background is in the law and computers, but my heart is outdoors.

My favorite hunting trips usually include a friend, although sitting in a tree alone is an excellent time to spend with my Creator. Some of my favorite fishing spots are world famous, like the Letort Spring Run. However, I am proud that the small native brook stream close to Colonel Denning State Park fits me perfectly too. That small stream doesn’t get fished much, and the palm-sized brook trout have the most brilliant colors. I shoot as often as possible. Most of the time, it is with a Tikka 22-250 and a mentor who has taught me a great deal.

My wife and children don’t hunt, yet. The boys are a little too young to enjoy fly fishing yet. Both my sons have shot a .22 and a pellet gun, but they still aren’t ready for regular shooting or hunting. There will come a day I will get to pass down these traditions. For now, I keep developing that which they will need to learn.

You can reach me at fuzzie at pahuntfishshoot dot com. Please feel free to send me any ideas you have for a story. But please know, I am not about to engage you in a flame war over something you are passionate about. That is what your website is for. This is my home. I get to set the rules.

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