The Deer Court

“There’s no deer in Pennsylvania.”
“Let’s sue the game commission, it’s their fault”
“Yeah, and let’s make them go back to the old ways of hunting and deer management.”

What a novel idea. Take a phenomenon with a relatively new genesis, lawsuit-mania, and use it to force the Pennsylvania Game Commission to return to the days of yore.

That is exactly what the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania did August 16, 2005. As reported in the Patriot-News,

The organization proposes a return to past structures for deer hunting seasons and bag limits that restricted the annual deer harvest much more than is the case under management practices.

Makes perfect sense to me; lawsuits fix everything.

It almost makes me sad to post this following the Great Fishing! story.

2 Comments on “The Deer Court

  1. I support the USP at times, but this is not one of them. First, it simply causes the PGC to incur further legal expenses defending the action; and it will likely be defeated via summary judgement on defendant’s showing that antlerless license quotas have been reduced.The timing is wrong USP; you shudda done thet a year ago.

  2. Actully the cost to defend will me incurred by the State Attorney General’s office. Even so, it’s a sorrid state of affairs when one hunting group is suing another hunting group and really places a black eye on hunters in general.

    Biology and science will win out in the courts anyhow. Time to see who is up on their factual information. Gary Alt had said in the past that lawsuits would be coming. I just didn’t think it would be from a hunter’s organization.

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