The Ethics of Hunting

Check out this article.

It raises some real concerns and questions about the use of technology afield.

Now, the first part, dealing with remote control internet hunting brought to you by is a complete non sequitur. It simply ain’t hunting.

The remaining discussion on decoys, broadheads, and inline muzzleloaders, does make for an interesting debate. Is technology giving hunters an unfair advantage over game? When is the line between fair chase and canned-hunt? Is it really hunting if we use infrared cameras to identify where the game is, and then use a weapon with more gadgets on it than a new HUMMER to kill it. Or is it more like high-tech killing?

As hunting innovators develop more reliable ways to take game, more ethical questions are sure to arise.

Lockwood, the Web site-hunting entrepreneur, thinks the ultimate innovation is just around the corner and is a technology that won’t be very difficult to adopt.

”The next one will be lasers,” he said. ”How far can you shoot a laser in a straight line? As far as the eye can see, basically.”

That laser will make it real easy to get into that 1,500 yard Varmint Hunter’s Association club. Now, if we could only develop technology to help us create more deer. Wait, we already have it. Remember Dolly?

OTC‘s got ethics!

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