The Headless Roadkill

This may surprise you. After a buck was crushed in a futile attempt to take on an SUV, the drive opted not to claim the carcass. So a local cop got his supervisor’s permission to go get it…well, to go get the head.

With saw in hand, the cop drives to the quote scene of the crime unquote, with plans to remove the rack and leave the meat.

Not so fast, another civilian wanted to claim the whole deer. Guess who won?

The officer left with the head, and left the remains to rot.

His nemesis, however, was not completely satsified with what he thought was a waste of venison, so he goes back later and loads up the body and dumps it in front of the police station. More details here….

3 Comments on “The Headless Roadkill

  1. In PA, that cop would be in violation of game law. You can get a permit to retain a road kill, but cannot keep the hide nor antlers.

  2. You know I posted about this on another website, but since it bothers me so, I’ll do it here too 🙂
    What bothers me about this is that if that cop would have been a fellow Iron Worker of Cox he would have probably been ok with it given the head to him and taking the meat, but since it was the law he wasn’t! What’s up wit that? These are the same folks who put there life’s on the line for us and we can’t let him have the head while we take the meat?

    You know, for someone just recovering from a disability he sure can manage well putting a deer carcas in his vehicle and dragging it to PD door step himself. And if Cox only wanted the meat then the head would have went to waste, which make him a hipocrite and since he believes everything should be used and not wasted. He was in it for the head as well and he didn’t want it if he couldn’t have it (Cry baby).

    To say the officer “left the remains to rot” is taking it out of context. The officer is doing what he was suppose to, publics works pick up the carcass.
    This situation comes down to one thing, Cox not liking the men and women who protect him and his family and Cox being a very vengful(SP) person. Oh almost forgot hipocrite (SP), if he doesn’t like seeing meat go to waste THEN WHY DID HE LEAVE THE DEER LAY THERE when the cop said he could have the meat! IMO, this guy is in desperate need of anger management classes.

    One more thing and then I’ll shut up. Gene your half right about what you said, you can keep the horns and hide if you buy them from the PGC! If you don’t you know where they go? To waste! They get buried and they rot away! Talk about being wasteful! The PGC is nothing but a huge waste pit that is only concered about the money they bring in! They make up absurd laws they no would think would be a law and then they ticket everyone on it. Can you tell I’m not a fan of the PGC? 🙂

  3. ok first off yea i agree with you on that guy had
    problems why didnt he just let the cop take the rack and he
    should take the meat. A doe ran into the side of my truck on
    friday and i took it home and called the PGC. They gave me a
    permit # to keep the deer. I did not have to pay
    for anything. They didnt even ask the sex of the deer. i just
    said that i hit one and they took my basic info and told me the #.
    and i have heard of other people calling in roadkill, one was a
    huge 10 pointer, and the PGC gave them a permit and he didnt have
    to pay for anything. they got the rack, hide, and meat.

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