The Hunt

I did it! I finally bought a hunting license for this season. Just in time for the annual rifle season.

I didn’t trek up to the cabin, which is in such a state of disrepair, there is talk of razing it and building anew.

Instead, I found my way to a honey hole in the South Mountain. Only saw one buck, a small 6 pointer. I passed him up. Good thing too, because the neighbor kid shot it. Turns out it was his first deer. Nice feeling to be a part of that experience.

I did see 18 does. Nice number. But still not enough to convince me to shoot (the lack of an antlerless tag was enough). The weather was miserable here; it rained all day long. Hopefully, that kept some others home and more deer will survive until the next slaughter…I mean season.

2 Comments on “The Hunt

  1. Also glad to hear you got out.
    Sounds like you saw a good number of deer too.
    I shot a nice doe yesterday. No legal bucks yet.

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