Tomorrow is the Day!

Trout Season is coming.
It’s practically here.
No time to waste,
And nothing to fear.

Get out your rods,
Sharpen those hooks.
Grab some cornmeal,
And put on your boots.

Tomorrow we start,
Where we left off last year.
We’ll be fishing at eight,
We’ll wish for more bait.

My poetry sucks,
But nevertheless,
Get up bright and early,
God speed and good luck!

Check this for info from the PF&BC about Opening Day.

With the 8 a.m. April 16 start of the 2005 Pennsylvania Trout Season just days away, anglers’ dreams are fueled by the potential of a trophy catch. While fishing is relaxing, family fun, deep inside every angler lurks the secret competitive desire for a legendary catch. A fish so big, it becomes the measuring stick by which all your friends will have to compare their efforts. Something so large, you’ll have to clear a space on the wall to display it. Maybe even a fish that’s the largest ever taken in Pennsylvania – a state record.

OTC can appreciate poetry.

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