Trap No More

It appears our neighbor to the north has plans for trappers…and they ain’t good plans either.
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A movement to ban trapping on public land began gathering steam across Long Island after Southampton Town officials said they want to stop the practice on town-owned land after learning a dog was killed last month when it walked into a hunting trap.

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The issue surfaced in Southampton last month after Gail Murphy’s dog Zephyr choked when a grab trap – placed to catch a raccoon – snapped over the dog’s head as they walked on a nature trail near her home in Sag Harbor. Southampton officials found they had no law on the books to ban trapping in their own parks or nature preserves.

Now that is one smart dog.

Maybe they ought to outlaw walking your dumb dawg on nature trails.

4 Comments on “Trap No More

  1. The New Youkers can do it their way. In PA, dogs are not permitted to run loose; thus the owner who has this problem can only blame him or herself. I think cats should be licensed as well in every state. I know this article will stirr up PETA and their ilk, but who really gives a **** about them?

  2. No trapping on public land… Well, that would rule out all WMA (wildlife management areas) state parks, national forest land, etc…
    This proposal won’t go far but it’s bound to stir up negative scuttlebutt.
    Too bad 🙁

  3. the person involved with the above matter is a friend of mine,who saw her dog bleed to death after being caught in the trap.this trap was set 50 feet from a footpath used by families,walking their dogs and exercising etc.This is not a rural area,it is a heavily populated area of “the hamptons”,on the far east end of long island.This guy has one trap,presumably for racoons,(they raid my trash every night,you do not need to be davy crocket or some other outdoorsman, for these pests).in this area it is permitted to run your dog off a leash.
    I think that to dismiss anybody in the “who gives a ++++ about them” attitude,is grossly un-intelligent,counter productive,regardless who is being described and simply encourages the image of redneck stupidity.
    This area is used all the time by small kids playing,why set this type of trap where a kid could lose his arm? or worse.By the way, i am a professional fisherman and outdoorsman myself,matt

  4. What type of trap was it? A foothold trap would not
    kill (or permanently injure) a dog, child, or raccoon. A body grip traps are generally required to be set in water a specified distance off the ground and would not be encountered by a dog.

    Likely the person who set this trap was in serious violation of the laws for your state and otehrs should not be punished for these actions.


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