Trap Party

This is the best idea I have seen in a long time:

From: One of My Hunting Buddies
Location: “The Fur Shed”
When: Sunday, October [removed], 12:00pm
Phone: [deleted to protect the innocent]
2nd Annual Trap Boiling Party

What is my trap boiling party? An informal gathering of select individuals: a primer for the upcoming fall hunting and trapping season. Kids are welcome.

Topics of Conversation: Hunting, Trapping, Bow Season, Hunting Trips, Pheasant Stocking Program, Grouse Outlook, Bird Dogs, Guns, Bows, you get the picture.

The Following Topics are Banned from Discussion : ) Gary Alt’s resignation, The Ruffed Grouse Society, Deer Management in PA.

Activities: I will be boiling, waxing and prepping traps for the season. Everyone must entertain themselves as boiling traps requires constant attention. Attendees are welcome to help or simply observe. A former professional trapper will be on hand to answer any trapping questions and make a demo set or two. Anyone is welcome to bring their bow and shoot the 3-D course. Bird dogs are welcome but must be kenneled or tied up.

I will start around noon and finish by late afternoon (4-5pm). Feel free to stop by for any length of time.

Menu: I will have hot dogs, sauerkraut, cider, coffee, hot chocolate

4 Comments on “Trap Party

  1. I think I would have more fun boiling a few select DCNR & PGC employees!!!!

  2. Gene, you need to go to this Trap Party…I think someone there has read your father’s book.
    He might be able to show you a trick or two.

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