UK Bans Reloading

This is scary.

Looking through the latest Gun List yesterday and there was a little blurb saying that because an English policeman was shot with handloaded ammo and killed that they were going to require a license to purchase reloading components AND ban loading presses. An English cop thought it was a great idea too.

Since banning most guns has worked so well there, I’m sure that this one will cut the violent crime rate to nearly zero…, or even below.

I can’t wait until we get some good gun controllers into office in this country again so that they can start doing similar things. Remember The Slickster said that he envied England’s gun laws which have done so much to increase violent crime there.

Can you see our forefathers rolling around in their graves?

For sale: Nice RCBS Press; used hard. Unavailable in any store. Guys, you can’t get this new anymore. Make offer. Serious inquiries only.

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