What the…???

Fuzzie has written about this here, but it’s in the news again. Now you can “hunt” by remote control, by going to a website, watching the screen, and clicking your mouse to shoot. I don’t pretend to understand the logistics of this (hey computer geeks, wanna explain it?), but I know one thing: it ain’t “hunting.”

What’s the point if you can’t be in the woods, smelling smells, hearing sounds, getting dirty and sweaty, learning patience, and appreciating everything about the experience (not just the kill)? Of course many hunters are squeamish about ANY limits on their right to hunt, but this apparently is one issue that the NRA and PETA can both agree on…


2 Comments on “What the…???

  1. As a geek, I could explain at least the logic of it, but there is no one who could justify it. However, just because I can see no rational reason for participating in such a computer game “hunt” does not mean I support the California bill that was introduced to ban it.

    It is just plain silly and stupid. Do we want our elected officials to spend their precious time writing laws banning things that are silly and stupid? Let the market take care of this one and keep the politicians out of it.

    If they really want to do something meaningful, let them repeal the Sunday no hunting laws. Granted California already allows Sunday hunting (http://www.nraila.org/images/SundayHuntingsml.jpg) , which surprises me to begin with, but I am sure the good citizen’s of the Golden State would like to see other issues being solved rather than regulating silly computer game “hunts”.

  2. fair enough… do you think enough folks think it’s stupid that the market really WILL take care of it?

    And, CAN you explain how it actually works? Not that you’re a geek or anything 😉

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