When Sorry Doesn’t Count

I had intended on staying out of this mess. Really, I had.

Jim Zumbo wrote a piece on his blog equating semiautomatic rifles as “terrorist” rifles, and stating there was no legitimate hunting reason to own such. It was a mistake.

Unlike so many in today’s world, Jim owned up to that mistake the very next day.

Apparently, Outdoor Life, Remington and Cabela’s aren’t that forgiving.

Where do you stand?

UPDATE: http://www.benchrest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40297

4 Comments on “When Sorry Doesn’t Count

  1. He only apologized for that..”he was unaware of their use among the hunting venue”..he never apologize for the harsh,incorrect anti-gun descriptives of the “terrorist type” firearms he wants banned from hunting or for rallying hunters to divorce theirselves from ppl that would

  2. —would choose to use the “terrorist” firearm. He needs to realize we all our ONE under the 2 amendment
    Perhaps because no “terrorist” company sponsors him, its no cha’ching to him..he found out……WRONG!

  3. Zumbo must be a Penna. hunter. We flatlanders know our wonderful PGC does not allow semi autos for hunting – not even .22 rimfires of any kind. I am unaware of any other state with a similar regulation. Why does PA always have to be different? The flawed reasoning behind this law needs to change. Many kids would enjoy squirrel hunting with a Ruger 10/22 or similar firearm. Where is the safety issue? And yes, Zumbo, you should keep your mouth shut.
    PS-I hunted deer in OK few years ago, and a local there was legally hunting with an AR 15 in .223. IMHO, small centerfires should never be allowed for big game.

  4. I agree with Gene on the use of .22cal semis,would love to use mine squirrel hunting in Pa.. How can we get this regulation changed? As for Zumbo, he is no different than Jimmy The Greek or a few other notables that got canned because they opened their mouth before engaging their brain. Sorry Jim, this society has zero tolerance for non pc statements or lame excuses.

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