Will Tragedy Bring Gun Control?

In light of the shootings that took place this morning at VA Tech, ABC news is conducting a poll on gun control. It is important that your opinion be reflected in this poll. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. No amount of gun control will ever remove guns from the hands of criminals. Please visit the following link to vote, the survey is hidden in the blue banner that says “Video.”

Other folks are starting to join the ban wagon of fear:

Australia’s Prime Minister touts gun control as the solution:

Australian PM Slams U.S. ‘Gun Culture’ in Wake of Virginia Tech Shooting.

Australia’s prime minister on Tuesday said the Virginia Tech shootings showed that America’s “gun culture” was a negative force in society, praising his country’s efforts to enact tough gun laws after a similar massacre 11 years ago.

1 Comment on “Will Tragedy Bring Gun Control?

  1. When I cast my vote several days ago, it was running about 2/3rds against further gun laws and 1/3 for them. But will ABC publish the results? In my view, the news media generally is anti-gun.
    We do need to strengthen the law to allow every individual who has ever received mental health treatment, to be reported to the state police. That information should be included with other data used to deny disqualified applicatants from possession of firearms.

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