Trout Stocking Schedules and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Maps Available

In-season adult trout stocking schedules and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission maps are now available; detailed maps are available here.

A total of 600 streams and 123 lakes will be stocked as part of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s (PFBC) 2005 inseason adult trout stocking program and for the first time in nearly 30 years, the exact day those waters will be stocked is being announced in most instances.

For the first time in nearly 30 years, the exact day those waters will be stocked is being announced in most instances. Because of traffic safety concerns, some dates are not being released and the commission is not widely publicizing the exact spots where stocking trucks will stop along stream sections.

While the Fish and Boat Commission has long provided details such as date, time and location of preseason adult trout stocking (those that occur prior to trout season opening), it has limited the information publicized on in-season stockings.

Since 1978, the Commission practice has been to announce only the week period that waters would receive inseason stockings.

Since 1997, the Fish and Boat Commission has experimented with pilot programs of announced in-season trout stockings at select public lakes and streams. Based on the successes of these programs, the commission has now opted to publicize the day of stocking in most cases.

The Fish and Boat Commission annually stocks streams and lakes throughout the Commonwealth. Trout stocking occurs year-round, beginning with “early season” in January and February to “winter” in November and December. Most trout are stocked within the pre- and in-season programs. Warm/cool water species are stocked throughout the year.

Next year, the Game Commission has announced a deer stocking program. They too will publish details of where and how many deer are stocked. Tennessee had to do it at one time. Why not PA?

2 Responses to “Trout Stocking Schedules and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Maps Available”

  1. tyler neal Says:

    well first of all i think the [commission] is [deleted]
    stupid.. u need to have way more gamies out there patrol the areas
    its the same way with hunting the my favorite hunting season was
    deer but now since there is like no deer out there i love to
    turkey hunt so plz don t change that in anyways but plz u should
    put the catching limit back down to three that will be a success
    because i am a very serious hunter and fishermen because that is
    all i do .
    change the dow season back down to three days

  2. Sharon Herrock Says:

    I am looking for the date you will begin trout stocking in Butler County.
    Could you please send me a achedule for the spring of 2006?
    Thank you,
    Sharon Herrock

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