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Lions Confirmed II

Here’s an update to the Lions Confirmed post… Lions Confirmed   And to this post: Phila’s Got Pumas From an alert reader in Lackawanna County: I have a paw print in the snow about two weeks ago in my front

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Groundhog Day

Now that Spring Gobbler is over for 2010, it’s time to do some long range Woodchuck hunting. Groundhog Day, like the Bill Murray movie, will repeat all summer long until Archery Season. Time to get busy on the reloading bench,

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Spring Gobbler

It’s almost time for Spring Gobbler!

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Firearm Form

A good friend gave me a copy of this form that he used whenever he transferred a firearm. You might want to print out one for every firearm you own, fill it out, and keep for your records. If you

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Buck is Just Luck

According to the article in today’s paper, shooting a large buck is just plain luck. First, quit falling for the “big buck” myth. There is nothing more ridiculous than listening to adults explain in detail how they outsmarted a deer.

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Serious Hunters Only

There is a new computer-generated camouflage, much like that used by the US Military, being promoted as the first camouflage scientifically designed to make hunters invisible to deer. Check out Optifade…will it work? [T]hanks to decades of research into ungulate

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Amen – SCOTUS Finds Gun Ban Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled June 26, 2008, that the District of Columbia’s ban on handguns was unconstitutional. The Court held the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a

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Court Sides With Sportsmen On Doe Suit

Check out this story: A three-judge Commonwealth Court panel today ruled that the sportsmen are within their rights to question the method the state Game Commission uses to estimate the state’s deer herd. The judges unanimously sided with the

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Snow Beards!

It snowed here yesterday. Perfect weather for deer hunting. So I made it out early this morning. It was cold– single digit cold. But there was no wind, and with the snow, deer were easy to spot. I saw some

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Are There Ethical Sportsmen?

An alert reader sent the following questions: Do you get appalled when you meet someone, or know of someone who kills more deer than legally permitted in a year, year after year? Are there any sportsmen who get upset when

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