Buck is Just Luck

According to the article in today’s paper, shooting a large buck is just plain luck.

First, quit falling for the “big buck” myth. There is nothing more ridiculous than listening to adults explain in detail how they outsmarted a deer. It seems the bigger the antlers, the smarter the buck. Before proclaiming the deer head on your wall was no doubt a Mensa member consider the following: antler size has been scientifically shown to result from good genetics and plentiful food.

Deer IQ plays no part in it. Those 30-point deer heads you see at Cabelas could easily be the Forrest Gumps of the deer world — they just happened to have a large antlered father and plenty to eat. Undoubtedly, does that have raised multitudes of fawns are just as intelligent.

If the truth be told, most deer in Pennsylvania are killed on the opening days of gun season when the woods are full of hunters and deer are totally knocked off their routines. Most just run into one of the many hunters by chance. You may truly be wonderful, but killing a big buck doesn’t make you any smarter. This is like bragging that you beat your dog playing chess or arguing whether Moe or Curly is the smartest stooge.

First thing I did this morning was beat my dog in chess. It only took me 153 moves. The really silly part was I played while dressed in full camouflage just in case a big buck might be watching.

Mr. Fleck is right about his conclusion:

Hunting is in a slow death spiral. Soon it could be a pastime only for the rich. Hunters had better drop the greed and encourage others to hunt.

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