5 Comments on “2006-2007 Hunting License

  1. I got mine today, w/MuzzleLoader & Bear stamps. I may hunt from my stand behind my house in WMA5 1 or 2 days in rifle season, maybe muzzleloader. I have not really hunted small game in years. The bear stamp I got so I have an excuse to go to bear camp with the guys. Having seen lots of bears in the woods, I find them too neat to shoot. The really bad part of it all is that I will most likley buy a Maryland non-resident license because I like to hunt with some friends in Garrett County, it’s an expensive 2 or 3 days of ATVing. I enjoy your blog. Very Cordially, Bill

  2. Not sure I agree with the idea of licensing what should be a constitutional right. But, not enough desire or resources to “die on that hill.” Too hot to chuck hunt so I will probably pick one up before the August 7th when they start accepting doe permits. Archery + Muzzle. Gotta get the migratory birds stamps for goose.

  3. Yes, already have it for varmints. I will hunt migratory birds (doves
    mostly), deer but not does, and muzzleloader too. I would love to find a
    place to hunt cyottes, but have not as of yet.

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