A New Rest

I don’t own one of these…yet.
But the idea sure seems appealing.
LTEK makes a new rest that just seems perfect.BR1 LTEK Rest

The BR1 Series Rests were developed by an engineer to solve a basic problem, “Too many trips to the truck hauling gear from the house”. The goal was to make one trip and spend more time at the range.

Simple, carry the rifle case in one hand, the range bag over the shoulder and coffee in the other (assuming a morning shoot). The range bag holds the ammo, rests, bags, pistols, targets and other gear.

In order to fit every thing in the range bag, the front rest needed to fold up into a small package.

This became very evident after bumping into woodwork and the side of the truck with a large case.

After a few proto-types the BR1 design was born. The result was a Rest System that is light weight & extremely versatile.

With woodchuck season fast approaching…I’ve seen more and more venturing out of their holes…this rest seems a perfect fit for both the range and the hood.

Anyone own one of these?

3 Comments on “A New Rest

  1. The rest has no practical application in the field, and at 3 lbs., is too small for a front rest at the range. Recoil will cause a rest this light to jump and require physical re-setting after each shot. Save your money and buy a Hart, Bald Eagle or Sinclair ($250 – $350).

  2. It’s cool since it folds up plus it packs easy andI have a pistol base to go with it.
    I’ve used it on BIG prairie dog towns with 2 rifles (from one location) instead of bi-pods since the top can swivil allowing a wider swing without reseting.
    Off the bench it works fine (if dime size groups are OK).
    As far as recoil jump, try a 204 Ruger, what recoil?

  3. Hi Adam! I saw a photo of you somewhere the other day! You had just shot a dead animal (with your bow I think). You haven’t changed a bit since I last saw you 14 years ago!! Way to go man! Tell Matt hi from me. Morgan, Norway (you may say hi back if you write me here: morgsten@hotmail.com

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