Blame Hunters

US Airways, the airline crippled by bankruptcy and all other kinds of problems, now looks to blame hunters.

This story, about a bullet hole in one of its planes, suggests a hunter may have shot the plane.

Federal investigators said a bullet hole found in the side of a U.S. Airways jet could be nothing more than a hunting accident.

Could be? It could be something else too. Why does everyone blame hunters?

This gets better:

Aviation consultant Alan Winninger said this case demonstrates that many airports have blind spaces where someone could shoot at an airliner and not be seen.

Apparently, Aviation consultant Winninger doesn’t hunt. Most hunters would be able to hear the sound of a jet engine as they raised their barrel to shoot at the unsuspecting fuselage.

Speaking of blaming hunters, the PGC tries hard to not blame us for the deer problems:

Did the Game Commission blame hunters for the deer overpopulation problem in some areas and, if so, why?

The Game Commission doesn’t blame hunters for deer overpopulation problems. We recognize overpopulation as a problem related to factors, such as hunter access, landowner objectives favoring high deer populations and topography. If we have had a fundamental flaw in our deer management outreach efforts over the years, it has been that we weren’t able to convince enough hunters that too many deer wasn’t a good thing. In recent years, we have done a better job of getting the word out about the compromises between deer populations and the habitat that supports them. Now, more hunters have a better understanding of the problems too many deer can cause and they’re more inclined to support our deer programs.

Sure sounds like the overpopulation of deer was our fault. Now that many hunters report seeing fewer deer, it’s probably our fault too. We have been blamed for everything since the extinction of the woolly mammoths. We might as well take the fall for the deer herd too.

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