Commission: “Fewer Deer”

For many hunters, you have known this for some time.
Others may simply chalk up their recent deer-less experiences as bad luck.

Well, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has finally spoke out and admitted the deer herd in Penn’s Woods is a little, well, lacking.

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials are expecting hunters to encounter more challenging hunting conditions in many areas of the state during the two-week rifle deer season, which begins Nov. 28, and runs through Dec. 10.

“Challenging hunting conditions” is political speak for “you hunters have been right, we aren’t managing the deer herd properly.”

“There are fewer deer in many places,” explained Dr. Christopher Rosenberry, who heads the Game Commission’s Deer Management Section. “Over the past six years, the Game Commission has implemented substantial changes to the deer management program that were designed to reduce deer impacts on habitat and improve the buck age structure. Most hunters have adapted to and abided by these changes. As a result, deer populations have been reduced in many areas and the proportion of older bucks in the harvest has increased.”

There is another story here about this revelation.

4 Comments on “Commission: “Fewer Deer”

  1. Why didn’t the PGC come forth with this admission a year ago, when they denied a decline in deer numbers? Does the PGC have any credibility?

  2. But that was the goal, herd reduction (HR). That was the goal, right?

  3. I have heard a rumor that the PGC and auto insurance companies have been involved in importing coyotes and mountain lion into PA to escalate the deer herd reduction process. I guess the extended doe season isn’t working fast enough to suit them (if the rumor has any basis in fact).

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