Deer Solution

Know how to solve the suburbia deer problems? The Pennsylvania Game Commission wants you!

Got ideas on how to reduce deer collisions and garden-raiding by whitetails in Pennsylvania’s urban and suburban neighborhoods? If you do, the Pennsylvania Game Commission would appreciate hearing from you before Sept. 16.

As part of the Game Commission’s effort to develop an urban/suburban deer management strategy, it is gathering input from all sources with their thoughts about resolving human-deer conflicts in urban/suburban areas, as well as suggestions on how to address the unique challenge of urban/suburban deer management. The deadline for comments is Sept. 16.

They have set up a website for more information. It is well-hidden, but I have found it for you here.

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1 Comment on “Deer Solution

  1. I read the PGC link. Wanted to suggest they tranquilize those suburban whitetails, and transfer them to public lands having deer densities of less than 12 per sq. mile. I doubt they are interested, because they claim to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

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