First Day of Archery…

I didn’t go out the first morning of archery this year. Instead, I took the boys to Home Depot for the monthly kids’ workshop. It was a great time; they each built a wooden firetruck toy. A fire company was there with all their trucks. What an awesome time.

I finally made it out for the afternoon. Went to one of my favorite honey holes. Took my tree stand cushion and bow, and headed to the woods. One major problem, when I got to my tree stand, there in all it’s glory was the tree. It looked the same as it had the year before. The only thing missing was my tree stand. Some idiot stole my tree stand. Now, this wasn’t just some hang on portable stand. This was a huge ladder stand. It was heavy. So heavy, it took two big guys to carry it in and set it up. It was on private property. Property where I have exclusive permission to hunt. Who in their right mind would steal a tree stand?

I don’t know the answer to that. I do know I will be locking the one I put up there this week. Because I didn’t leave when I found the empty tree. Instead, I found a nice spot on the ground, took cover and hunted. It didn’t take long before I saw deer. Awesome. No shots, probably because of my ground location. But you can bet your bottom dollar I will be back out there, hanging a stand. Same tree.

3 Comments on “First Day of Archery…

  1. Sorry to hear about your stand, Fuzzie.

    You will have to take up trapping instead!

  2. Hey Fuz: Two big bucks walked across my field today, dragging a nice ladder stand. You can put your new Dunham’s stand in my woods and be eye level with them trophys!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your tree stand. Hunters ask themselves why they keep losing hunting ground. Well, its slobs and unethical morons like the idiot that stole your tree stand. Every year when I take to the woods during the archery season, I see at least a half dozen stands. I have never bothered anyone elses tree stand… aren’t we supposed to respect another’s property? I’m sure that the character who swiped your stand… would be bithchin to high heaven, if the tables were turned.

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