Secret Fishing Lure

We are searching for it. We have all tried several this-is-it ideas. But until now, all have failed to live up to our expectations.

What am I referring to? Why the secret to a good fishing lure.

Now, scientists have discovered the ultimate lure:

In the ancient struggle between man and fish, man has a new weapon. Forget fancy lures, depth charges or precision casting guns. The new weapon requires vision — ultraviolet vision.

Called Fool-a-Fish, it comes in a bottle that sprays titanium dioxide on fishing lures and bait. The chemical lights up the watery depths like a disco ball, luring fish from half a mile away.

Fool-a-Fish is the brainchild of a Spokane physician named Milan Jeckle — that’s Dr. Jeckle to you — who combined his love of chemistry and the outdoors into a new business. Fool-A-Fish is earning a growing reputation as anglers from Alaska to Florida enjoy success with the product.”You catch three or four times more fish, and the biggest fish,” Jeckle contended.

Researchers have discovered that while humans see in three colors — red, yellow-green and blue — fish and birds see a fourth color in the ultraviolet range, which shows up as a white glow, Jeckle said. This color is invisible to humans.

While technically not a fishing lure itself; by spraying your favorite lure with Fool-a-Fish, you can greatly increase your chances at curing the fisherman’s disease–stretching the truth about some of the fish you land.

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