Coyote Attack in Our Backyard

A toddler was attacked by a coyote in New Jersey. This could be the sign of more confrontations with coyotes.

Playing in the backyard of his home Friday with his 22-month-old nephew, 11-year-old Ryan Palludan thought the animal that bolted into the yard just before dark was a deer.

But when it grabbed little Liam Sadler in its jaws, Palludan instinctively sprang into action, yelling and kicking at the attacker, which was later determined to be a coyote.

Read the full story here.

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  1. Jeff Morneweck says:

    Yes, I understand the New Jersey Game Commission has been stocking coyotes, in an effort to reduce the over-population of toddlers. The article didn’t mention it, but I heard that someone saw a “NJGC” ear tag on that coyote.

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  1. […] Remember that coyote that attacked a kid two months ago in New Jersey.  It happened again.  This time, the authorities shot and killed an animal.  They aren’t sure it is the same ‘yote or not, as an officer reported seeing multiple coyotes. […]

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