NYC Traps Coyote

Who would have thought…a coyote was trapped in New York City.

A wily coyote led sharpshooters armed with tranquilizer guns on a merry chase through Central Park before being captured on Wednesday.

* * *

The coyote, nicknamed Hal by Parks Department staffers, may have wandered into the city from Westchester County, perhaps swimming across a river, Benepe said. Another coyote found its way to Central Park in 1999 and is now kept in the Queens Zoo.

I can’t wait until more Hals start showing up in big cities…could our own city of Brotherly Love be next?

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One comment on “NYC Traps Coyote
  1. Fuzzie says:

    Questions are now being raised as to what exactly killed “Hal,” the nickname bestowed upon the coyote.

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