Destination: Oil Creek

We are heading to Oil Creek this weekend…hopefully the fishing will be awesome!

If you have fished this fine creek, please give us some tips…we can reciprocate with central PA streams (the Letort, Clark’s Creek, Yellow Breeches).

I have found some information here.
This site claims:

Oil Creek is an important and popular stream in Venango County. In addition to a pre-season stocking, a 25-mile stretch of Oil Creek receives two additional spring stockings in late April and early May from Lincolnville downstream to Rouseville.

A hot area of Oil Creek is in the Oil Creek State Park. This is big water between 100 to 135 feet wide, but it holds some trophies. Road access is not plentiful along the creek, but a bike trail from the parking lot of the Drake Well Museum to Petroleum Center provides excellent access for anglers willing to hike. There is camping at the park.

Don’t be fooled by names like Oil Creek and Petroleum Center; this is good trout water. The area’s tributaries provide a cold flow throughout the month.

For more information on Oil Creek State Park, call (814) 676-5915. For other accommodations in the region, contact the Oil Heritage TPA at (800) 483-6224.

For more fishing information, call the PFBC’s Area 2 office at (814) 755-3890.

Maybe someone OTB has been to Oil Creek?

2 Comments on “Destination: Oil Creek

  1. I have flyfished off and on over the years and have dropped my line in
    waters all over the world. Oil Creek is by far the best pace to fish if
    you want to catch trout. I get back there when I can. I still believe my
    worse day fly fishing there is 1000x better than my best day working at
    the office. Enjoy.

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