Fairy Tale Bucks

An all night basketball camp was probably not the best scenario for preparing to black powder hunt this past Saturday.  But that is what was on the schedule.  There were over 200 kids involved.  They had a blast.  The main event, playing lights out basketball, with glo-balls and light sticks.

Getting out to the woods that morning was out of the question.  First, the event didn’t end until 8:00 AM, and we had to clean up the place.  Second, I hadn’t slept a wink.  Not one.  So I was pretty exhausted.  Finally, Momma was expecting me home with the munchkins.

Fear not, I would get out that afternoon.  The weather was perfect.  The wind was still.  And I had a tag ready to be filled.

I trekked up to a favorite honey hole with a good friend, letting him drive because of my physical state.  We were in the woods by mid afternoon, and after dropping him off at a nice spot, I meandered to a clearing, sat down and started counting trees.  I didn’t get far before I was conducting a full blown eyelid inspection.  I was determined to figure out which one of my eyelids had a hole.  Despite my best efforts, I am pleased to report neither eyelid required repair.

While checking for light leaking eyelids, I may have doze off for a split second or two.  I remember waking up, hearing my buddy’s truck horn, gazing into the darkness, and seeing deer.  You bet!  There were deer all around me.  It was way too late to shoot, and I couldn’t see any horns, but there were deer.  I made my way back up to my buddy at his truck and reported the deer, letting him assume (as all hunters would) I remained in my spot until all the deer past by, not wanting to spook them by jumping to my feet and racing up the hill (which is exactly what I had done).
So I have finally found the secret to deer hunting.  Don’t.  Instead, rest those tired eyes and relax.  Let the deer come to you.  If I could only figure out how to fly fish like this…I’d have it made!

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  1. the Zen state of resting your eyes and using just your hearing works well, of course you can’t fall completely asleep either.

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