January 2006 PGC Agenda

The Agenda for the January 22-24, 2006 Pennsylvania Game Commission meeting is available here.

Highlights include:

  • PGC’s Staff’s position not endorsing the use of atlatl for deer hunting.
  • Rifle Deer season remains the same; basically continuing the “if it is brown, it’s down” mentality.
  • Several land acquisitions.
  • A second Spring Gobbler tag–at an additional cost (there’s a surprise).
  • Expanding the definition of deer season to include non-shooting hours and non-hunting days (Sundays), so folks using spotlights during that entire time can be convicted, drawn, and quartered.

Noticeably absent–not one word about Sunday hunting. This topic is of great interest to the hunters and the taxpayers, as the revenue generated by Sunday hunting has been estimated to exceed $18 Million. My guess is that is just a drop in the bucket. Nor is there any word of saving taxpayers any money by merging this agency with Fish & Boat and DNCR. I guess the PGC is doing a fine job solo; why make any changes.

Of interest to those unable or not interested in sitting through three days of meetings,

a copy of the January meeting minutes will be posted on the website as soon as they are transcribed, which generally takes between two to three weeks.

“Posting the minutes on the website allows us to cut the costs of printing and mailing copies of this document, which averages around 140 double-sided pages, and reach a wider audience,” Roe said. “It’s a cost-savings move that makes Game Commission actions and decisions more accessible to the public.”

3 Comments on “January 2006 PGC Agenda

  1. Sigh. The Atlatl issue is just plain stupid. It takes time and resources away from real issues, such as the poor “management” of a major PA natural resource, i.e. wild game hunting. It appears that the French-connection, also known as the state Historical Society has more input and power to bend agendas with the Game Commission than all we dirt bag sportsmen/sportswomen combined.

  2. Yeah, I got a big problem with this regulation. If I can’t hunt on Sunday, then why are they regulating spotting on Sunday? It is my understanding that you can’t hunt ANYTHING but deer during rifle season – no Sunday hunting of coyotes or chucks. What is the reason?

    ยง141.7. Use of artificial lights.
    * * * * *
    (b) For the purpose of enforcing section 2311 of the act (relating to restrictions on recreational spotlighting), the terms “antlered deer rifle season” and “antlerless deer rifle season” mean that period of time from 12:01 a.m. on the first day of the regular firearms deer season to 12 midnight on the last day including Sundays within each individual wildlife management unit.

  3. Dan, you are not quite right. You may shoot a coyote during deer season, if you have not yet filled out your deer tag. I don’t see the correlation between Sunday hunting and Sunday spotlighting.

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