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Happy VenisonThis picture of Christmas decorations says it all.

Now, do you think a likeness of a deer being dressed is safe from a drunken man with a gun, pretending to be a hunter?

Chances are, if you lived in Minnesota, someone would shoot it; they shoot plastic lawn ornaments there.

Homeowners who decorate their yards with life-sized plastic deer are complaining the sculptures are being damaged by those stalking real deer during Duluth’s special season for bowhunters.

No way this could happen in the Commonwealth. Could it?
See some of the comments here:

I totally believe that drunken redneck hunters would be stupid enough to shoot someone’s plastic lawn ornaments!

Around where I live this happens a lot. The DNR (dept of natural resources) have fake deer they post along roads that are slightly mechnacal where they turn their heads and blink and stuff. They post these to lure spotlighters (people who see a deer shine a very powerful light on the deer to freeze it up then shoot it).

UPDATE: Source found

ORLANDO, Fla. — A holiday display is getting some negative attention from neighbors. A homeowner’s display in an Orlando subdivision features Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer hanging from a tree. One red light represents its nose and the rest appear to be blood draining from Rudolph’s body. The display represents a hunting technique called field dressing, which is what hunters do to a deer they kill, but many neighbors say it disgusts them. (12/15/05 WFTV image)

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