More Game Lands

The Pennsylvania Game Commission added 1,360 acres to the more than 1.4 million acres of State Game Lands:

CLARION COUNTY: The Board approved the purchase of 453.44 acres in Piney Township from the Alliance for Wetlands and Wildlife for $161,860, with a 50 percent Federal-State Wildlife Grant reimbursement. The option is subject to reservations of record, but there are no new exceptions or reservations. This parcel will become part of SGL 330, and is the third purchase of what is commonly known as the “Piney Tract.” The Board approved the first purchase of nearly 965 acres of the Piney Tract in January, and the second purchase of more than 836 acres in June.

ERIE COUNTY: The Board approved the purchase of a 53.75-acre parcel of land in Waterford Township, which is an indenture into SGL 109, from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy for $9,400. The tract is predominately comprised of wetlands, which the Game Commission considers critical and unique wildlife habitat. Of the remaining land, about 13 acres are woodland and the remaining seven acres are reverting farmland. The western edge of the property borders State Route 97. SGL 109 currently contains 1,899 acres in Erie County.

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY: The Board approved the purchase of a 600-acre parcel of land in Union Township, adjoining SGL 329, from the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Shenandoah for $205,000. The majority of the tract is mixed hardwoods with a small five-acre wetland created where Little Creek flows into a reservoir on the adjacent private property. Raven Run Road bisects the eastern portion of the property and will provide important access to the property. SGL 329 currently contains 1,145.6 acres in Columbia and Schuylkill counties.

ARMSTRONG COUNTY: The Board approved the generous donation of 256 acres in Perry Township from E.S. Dewey, Trustee, Dewey Family Trust. The Allegheny River forms the northern boundary of the property and will protect about 4,000-feet of riparian habitat. The first bald eagle nest to be identified in the 10-county area within the Game Commission Southwest Region was on an adjacent property to this parcel. The tract will become an unattached part of SGL 105, which currently contains 2,812.7 acres. The Trust reserves the right to cut and remove timber within one year of the conveyance of the property. The Trust also retains all gas and oil rights with certain rights to enter the property to explore for and conduct gas and oil operations.

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