OT: MythTV Day

MythTVThis is way off topic (OT), but today is MythTV day at my house. MythTV, for those who do not know, “is a GPL open source application for Linux designed to allow any computer (that meets the specified minimum requirements) to function as a personal video recorder.”

I used Gentoo for my MythTV box. You could probably use any Linux flavor.

I followed two guides, one a little older, and this one. But the first part requires you to install Gentoo…for that you need to follow the handbook.

As this was my first experience with Gentoo and MythTV, I also had to get a lot of help from my friends at the local Linux User Group.

So today, I am moving the box from the testing site to the family room. The box has been dutifully recording the kids favorites (Tom & Jerry) and my wife’s favorites. So once the move is completed, I can demonstrate it with shows they tend to watch.

As for me, the box has been recording every turkey hunting show for the past 2 weeks. So I guess this can relate to PA: Hunt. Fish. Shoot. a little.

PVRBlog might help you too.

Damnum Absque Injuria claims you can get a free TiVo.

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