Record Bear Harvest

2005 will set a lot of records. Probably the lowest deer harvest since data has been collected (or fudged). The bear numbers are already in: 3,331.

Hunters shot a new state record 3,331 black bears in the state’s recently concluded three-day bear season, which ran Nov. 21-23, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The extended bear season ends Dec. 3, and is being held for hunters in WMUs 3B, 3C, 3D, 4C and 4E.

I guess when you require successful hunters to take their game to a check station, you can be certain of the number harvested. What a novel idea.

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  1. Add another 792 bears killed in the extended season in five WMU’s, bringing the total to 4,123. Many were cubs, 50 lbs. or less. This will put a serious dent in the bear population and reproduction. Will bear follow deer and disappear from the Commonwealth? I think I will take up golf or tennis.

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