Spring Gobbler Approaching Fast

Soon the woods will be filled with turkey hunters. April 30 marks the beginning for most; there is a special youth day April 23, but I am little too old to qualify.

The PGC just released a detailed statement about this season and it’s forecast.

Here are some statistics:

The statewide final 2004 fall turkey harvest was about 25,868 birds (27,400 in 2003); the spring 2004 harvest was 41,017 (43,900 in 2003). The 10-year spring harvest average is 43,286; the 10-year fall harvest average is 32,560.
The largest harvests in the 2004 spring gobbler season occurred in WMU 2D, where hunters took 4,004 turkeys; WMU 1B, 2,959; and WMU 4C, 2,629. The largest fall harvests occurred in WMU 2D, where hunters took 2,246 turkeys; WMU 2G, 1,933; and WMU 2C, 1,767.

I can’t wait to talk turkey.

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  1. I know I am two states west of you, but I have seen three groups of turkeys in the past two weeks. All three were in corn fields that haven’t been turned yet for Spring, and all three had anywhere from 8-20 birds in them. I can’t wait to grab a shotgun and blast a dinner…


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