Wanted: Fishing Boat

My dad had a saying while I was growing up: “Boats are just bottomless holes that suck your money.” Everytime I even mentioned or suggested we ought to get a boat so we could fish away from shore, he would remind me of that life lesson.

Like most life lessons, they need to be actually learned. Sure, it would be nice if our fathers could just tell us the secrets of the world, and we would listen, and never feel pain. But that is not how life works. Believe me, momma and I are learning that daily from the boys.

Most guys face something called a midlife crisis. They leave their families, buy a sportscar, or do some other crazy, idiotic, irrational thing. Not me. Instead, I’m getting a boat. Not just any boat, but a fishing boat.

The family took a trip to Bass Pro Shops yesterday, and the boys just loved climbing all over those brand new boats. Momma even had a sparkle in her eye as she invisioned weekend trips on the family pontoon boat. Realizing the boat dream is going to happen, she has given in with the hopes of steering the decision toward the pontoon type boat, making it safer and more comfortable for her. Instead of losing the boys to fishing with dad, she choses the lesser evil of joining in family fun on the water.

With that in mind, I find myself in the market for a boat, trailer, and advice.

2 Comments on “Wanted: Fishing Boat

  1. My Dad used to say that the only day better than when you buy your boat is the day that you sell your boat.

  2. I guess my first question would be is what kind of boat are you looking for? that is the first thing that i would ask myself. you were in Pro Bass shops what did you see that you liked? how big? how big of a motor do you want? how are you planning to use it? Where are you planning to use it? and if you can give some sort of sense of all this then i might be able to help you out…

    Fish On,


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