What Luck

One of the chain sport stores recently had a sale on Mossberg 935s. I have been interested in picking up an autoloader and I am very satisfied with my Mossberg 835 pump – so the decision wasn’t too hard to make. Anyway, I bought the 935 on Saturday and went to a 40-gun raffle on Sunday. Yeah, you guessed it … I won a shotgun (Rem 870 Express Super Mag). Now if I could have just won the Powerball!


Looking at the “fine print” on a 12-gauge choke tube and it states that it would be used with lead shot only.

Question #1 – if I shoot steel shot through a “lead only” tube, is it a safety risk? Or, am I going to damage the choke and barrel? Or, is it just a performance issue?

Question #2 – this one might be kind of stupid, but I’ll ask it anyway: If a tube is “lead only”, then does this mean that I cannot/should not use it for “heavy shot”?

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  1. Dan – I bought a 935 for my son many years ago; good gun. I don’t have his at hand right now, but I believe some of the old choke tubes were lead only. Using any hard shot; i.e. steel, bismuth can damage the choke, but you just replace the tube if that occurs. Newer Mossberg chokes are designed for whatever is printed on them. I don’t think “heavy shot” is made of lead shot, only steel and bismuth. Use only the shot required of the tube, or purchase tubes designed for your load.

  2. Dan – I woulda said “good luck” but it appears as though you have had your share. All the gun tickets I have purchased over the years were duds. Some guys have all the luck.

  3. I’ve put bb’s in ole paper shotgun shells and it scared the barrel of the shotgun . I never got it back to normal yet the only diffrence is it gets dirty from lead alot faster. It was a polly choke and the choke never took on any damage (Mossberg bolt action polly choke shotgun). Don’t do that stunt anymore.

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